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South Beach You wouldn't think the old Jerry's Deli area, now filled with Mexican spring bars, would be the place to watch football in Sobe. Although you may be aware that this is the only sports bar in South Florida that has the distinction of being a set for an adult movie, don't let that stop you from coming here to watch the game. South Beach, you wouldn't believe, this old Jerry's Deli space, now filling up as a Mexican spring break, would have been the place to watch football from a place like Sobes.

There are 17 fantastic places to drown out Eagles, Giants and Jets fans, but you have to hit them on the coast. Brickell Las OlasSure It's in the same neighborhood as the original that went to Florida State, but that doesn't mean the Noles are the only team you can see there. Kim Bokamper offers some of the best restaurants and drinks in South Florida, and you'll find them all in one place, right on the beach. Of course, this is the original LasOlas and it goes to the state of Florida (which you have to visit as best you can with a UF rejection letter for a football game), but it is not just a place for the teams that are there, like the Dolphins or Panthers.

This popular neighborhood tavern is designed for socializing with locals and other friendly people looking for a great time. The restaurant is lively, with businessmen and Brickell residents pouring blood, sweat and tears into work as they enter, while the local pub crowd, from burgers to truffle fries, fits perfectly with the long drinks menu on offer. At Scully's, you can choose from Guy Fieri - approved bar meals and drinks to chat to friends, family, friends of friends and all the locals or other friendly people looking forward to great times.

Service can be slow when the place is full, but live entertainment at weekends gets guests on their feet. If the games are too painful to watch, the DJ will start pumping out hits, and if what sounds like a rock or alternative band isn't doing it for you, then a live band will. There is plenty to know and musical entertainment when a game is running, as well as a variety of food and drinks.

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They specialize in summer camps and after-school programs and their activities include sailing, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, fishing, snorkeling, swimming and lounging on the water. Passengers can dive deep for a day and have fun and adventure in one of the most popular water sports in the world, such as boating, diving, sailing and rafting.

Once it cools down, there may not be a better place to watch football in winter, but if you can only bet on a pony, the extra action will make things much faster. Catch all the sports at one of the most popular sports bars and restaurants in North Miami. If watching the Dolphins play backfield for a decade is too much, then you should watch the sushi chef who has made it his mission to survive the decade.

There is a reason why the place has become so crowded in recent years, and it could be why it is still one of the most popular places in North Miami. LauderdaleThere is absolutely no reason why the poor decision marathon on Saturday night, which takes place every evening in the Public House, should end before the football, but it should not end. Because it's right across the JFK Causeway, Shuckers lets you watch an NFL game from one direction.

At the eastern end of the Intracoastal Mall, the spacious Duffy's features walls and ceilings plastered with television screens to provide great views from different angles. The room can accommodate up to 50 people, a covered terrace and a large outdoor area, weather permitting.

Sometimes it's hard to be a Miami Dolphins fan, but the venerable Tom's NFL Barbeque offers a sports bar experience where you forget you're in Miami. The bar could be filled with teams from the North East who are on holiday here But you can find a wide selection of local teams, as well as some of the best sports bars in North Florida.

South Beach Although Lincoln Rd is outdoors Dadeland, the place that was once South Beach's first sports bar has survived. Tucked away at the back of a strip mall on the south side of Miami Beach, this long-running eatery has maintained its reputation as one of the best sports bars in North Florida. Although it is outdoors, it still survives at its original location on the corner of Lincoln and South Florida Ave. Although it was out in ADELAND, this place, once the leading sports bar on the South Beach, has survived at its old location on Lincoln Road in South Palm Beach.

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